Community Manager

Meet your greatest ally in association management. Our community managers have the training and experience necessary to give your community proven recommendations and knowledgeable support for your individual association needs. Your community manager attends and documents all meetings, handles vendors, strategizes and plans for future needs – and in turn, is your board’s action arm.

Division Manager

  1. It is always good to have backup. Your division manager has seen it all in their years in the industry, meaning your backup has the ability to catch oversights we’ve encountered in the past. They are kept up to date on all community business and can step in without missing a beat. They can also bring in extra resources to solve tough problems or resolve issues.

  2. Vendor Relations

    At FPMGroup, we have no ownership or affiliation with any HOA or condominium contractors or suppliers, meaning we make sure your association gets the best, most cost-effective options, every time.

  3. Developer Services

    FPMGroup's Developer Services Division ensures successful management of new communities from conception, to build-out and beyond. This program assists developers with the establishment and transition of an association in an effort to maintain the long-term sustainability of a community.

What We Do

  1. Customer Services

    We’re proactive, so none of your issues go unresolved. Our customer assurance team is your 3rd level of backup in community management. They proactively call members of each board throughout the year to ensure you’re satisfied with the service provided by FPMGroup, and that developing problems, if any, are resolved quickly. Board members have access to some powerful tools housed in our Community Pro-administrative system that help them in being effective board members, and our Customer Assurance Team also strives to assist members with how to efficiently use this system. To make things even easier, homeowners also have a backup for their payment issues with our Customer Service Call-In, so you won’t need to assist them in making their payments 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for emergency services.